If you have just started learning python, then you may have come across the term “virtual environment”.

So whenever you are working on a project, you may need to install various dependencies of the project in the system.

There may exist a case where you need to have a different version of a library for some project A and some other version of that library for project B, so if you are not using a separate environment for both the project you may need to manually install and then uninstall the required the version of the library every time you…

Did part-1 also get you thinking about this?

Getting beyond this point, remember those childhood days, all we wanted was to play all day long. I remember as a kid, all I wanted was to paint every single thing I saw with the little paintbrush and the few colors I had, I even used to paint my face, I was kind of stupid:>

Did thinking about your childhood, transported you to some other world, how your brain sent you those happy hormones, truly magical. Do you also think that those things are still taking place in some other parallel universe…

Ask yourself a few questions, before reading ahead.

what has kept us all alive? what is the vision? why do we sense things? why do we feel? what has made this complex body?

There are lots of question that revolves around in my head? We are all so busy in our life, in our small world, that we never ask ourselves these questions.

Does spiritual power exist? is there a power that defies physics? is there a world beyond our thinking? what has kept us all going?

What is life?

Is it just running after dreams until the day you…

Let’s dive together into the world of parallel computing.



“The real world (nature) is in fact massively parallel.” Examples of which are planetary movements, galaxy formation and many more.

First, let us see what does parallel computing means. So here we go

Parallel computing is a type of computation in which many calculations or the execution of processes are carried out simultaneously.”One more thing which I want to add here is that concurrent computing is not parallel computing, that is a whole different thing, which is usually confused with parallel computing.

Problems with CPUs

  1. Temperature,
  2. Lithography limitations,
  3. Quantum Tunneling,
  4. Electricity travel speed.

GPUs( Graphics Processing Units)

Ayushi Gupta

Deep learning enthusiast, interested in philosphy.

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